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In the 21st century, we have quickly become a world of online shoppers and are used to giants in this space such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace, the list goes on and on. I was just the same as you, and have utilized the convenience of these online retailers, but what they lack, just like their big box store cousins, is the human connection.

 We believe something completely different at Circle Star Firearms. We still believe in the power of a handshake. We find it important to know our customers names and remember their stories. We have strayed from the days where you went to the local store and spoke with the owners over the pluses and minuses of an item and gained information from actual hands on use.

 For all of you who haven’t met me yet, my name is Jake Cawthon. When I was younger I always went running errands with my Grandaddy  or “kicking tires” as he called it, and I always knew we would stop and engage in conversation with people in the places we went. I feel like this is what we offer that other places have lost. We have become accustomed to anonymous reviews from people who may have never actually used the item instead of small business owners who eat live and breathe the industries they are in.   

 I started this company alongside my wife Rebecca 5 years ago, with nothing more than a plan to Cerakote and sell a few guns here and there, to help pay for me a free one every once in a while. That didn’t go as planned… I quickly became known in my small town Texas community as the guy to talk to get a no BS answer about guns and accessories. Wherever we go whether it’s a Friday night football game or a function at the church, people want to stop and talk about their options.

Once Rebecca and I realized we might actually have something, we decided to take a risk and follow our dream of owning our own business. We decided to  open a small retail store inside a metal workshop that we partially enclosed at our house. With the help of friends and existing customers, we did better than we would have imagined. Looking back it’s seems crazy to think about the days when 3 customers meant busy and 20 guns were A LOT! But from our 1st Grand opening we met one family that would change our life as we knew it.

Jason and Melanie came to 1st Grand Opening and had a sweet little baby on his first outing. With quite a few more visits, Jason and I got to know each other a lot better and realized we had similar dreams. Jason came on as a friend to help out when needed. That didn’t last long either.  With the help of Jason and his expertise in business we had the opportunity to move down the road to an actually building that could have an actual sign and parking lot that is NOT a driveway! That was almost a year and a half ago…

 These days,  if you came to our store you will most likely find a customer, turned friend, sitting on a stool talking about life, or a couple of gentlemen who just left the coffee shop stoping in before heading home. You might have the joy, of witnessing a fun Friday live video with Jason and I chatting away with some sort of shenanigan, having a beer toasting each other with a job well done for the week! It’s a chance to go back in time and actually get to know the people you are shopping with and how your patronage directly affects their lives, instead of a screen with no personality. Through this business opportunity we have come to know our community better than we ever thought possible.

NOW.. We are bursting at the seams trying to find more space on the walls daily to fill with the ever growing inventory. We have our first commercial that just aired today, and possibly our busiest day ahead of us as we embark on our 2nd official Black Friday!

What a road it has been, but it wouldn’t have even existed this long without our loyal customers turned friends along the way! We want to thank each and every one of you personally for helping turn our dreams into a reality. We hope to make your experience with us one you will want to share with your friends and family. We always strive to make YOU our priority. You are our WHY.

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